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Service Packages

Are you looking for a worry-free, no-fuss, solution to keep your appliances working well, year-round?

Save Time and Money with our Convenient Care Contracts!

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Convenient, cost-effective, quality care

Aspire Appliance Repair offers comprehensive yearly service packages that protect
your appliances and your budget from costly repairs.

These packages can be used for both residential and commercial spaces.

We will send our technicians to repair and maintain designated appliances at fixed intervals to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Any breakdowns or service calls during the period will be covered, saving you both time and money!

Aspire Standard

  • Only $20/month
  • Free maintenance for 2 appliances*
  • 1 free maintenance visit/year
  • 20% off service fees on additional appliances
  • Savings up to 25%

Aspire Premium

  • Only $30/month
  • Free maintenance up to 4 appliances*
  • 1 free maintenance visit/year
  • 30% off service fees on additional appliances
  • 10% off parts and installation
  • Savings up to 40%

Aspire Deluxe

  • Only $50/month
  • Free diagnostics of all your appliances**
  • Free maintenance up to 6 appliances
  • 1 free maintenance visit/year
  • 50% off service fees on additional appliance
  • 20% off parts and installation
  • Add or replace included in the package appliances for free
  • Savings up to 70%

*Appliances that can be included into the packages: refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, stovetops, rangers, microwave-ovens, ice machines, grills, wine coolers, vent hoods, and garbage disposals.